A Word From Your Priest-August

Summer is Flying by.  Where has all the time gone? We have had so many exciting activities going on this summer and there is still more to come. At the time I am writing this article, Beverly and I have just returned from Peterkin (theWest Virginia Episcopal Diocese summer camp). I was asked to be the Chaplain for Family Camp and also to teach the adult formation class. This was Beverly and my first time to attend camp at Peterkin.  Meanwhile, Vacation BibleSchool continued from June 28 through July 26 with First LutheranChurch and our Sister Church,Good Shepherd. The children’s portion and the adult portion were big successes. Olivia Ramsay attendedthe Episcopal Youth Event in Oklahoma. Preparations for the Book Sale are well underway. The parking lot was paved. Several of our parishioners took a bus trip to seethe Ark replica. We had a visit from the Children’s Choir from Charlotte,N C . Our Family Movie Night continues. I am sure I missed a few events, but you can see how busy it has been this summer. As we prepare for back toschool and the return of the choir, Tiffany is working with Faith Link to try and coordinate a couple of activities.The first is to have Trinity and I provide blessings for the backpacks that Faith Link is giving out tothose that need them. The other event is to invite one of the FaithLink programs called “Paws to Help” to participate with us as apart of our Blessing of The Animals service hopefully to be advertised and held in our new parking lot.Paws to Help is a volunteer program designed to help Seniors keep their pets.

Finally I want to introduce a new ministry here at Trinity. Over the last few months I have been working with John Brownfield who has been discerning a call to be a Lay Eucharistic Visitor. Many of you already know that John has a passion for visiting and encouraging our fellow parishioners when they are in the hospital or home sick. As we go through the process of getting John licensed as a Lay Eucharistic Visitor, John will also beable to take these individuals communion from the reserve sacrament as well. Most of the visits will be Sundays and Wednesdays. This I sbecause traditionally a Lay Eucharist Visitor leaves straight from the altar rail to visit the individual so that this ministry is an extension of the Eucharistic Service held at Trinity. We look forward to blessing this ministry and sending John off on his first visit upon obtaining his license from the Bishop.You can see we have a lot ofexciting things happening. Please,come and be a part of what God is doing here at Trinity, and as always, bring a friend.

God bless you one and all,

Father Paul+