A Word From Your Priest-June

I want to talk to you about the organization Faith Link. I know some of you are very familiar with this organization and others may not even know the name. But it is an organization that has its roots here at Trinity. It even had its first office on the second floor of the Rectory. I believe it is an organization that is doing good work and one that we may want to be more involved with as part of our outreach efforts. I believe our book sale proceeds have helped to support them for a few years now.

The mission of Faith Link is to assist, primarily, individuals who are 60+, or those with a physical disability or chronic illness, to maintain their independence. Volunteers do such activities as transportation for appointments, shopping/errands, visitations, assist with correspondence, and telephone reassurance calls. You can learn more about what they do at www.faithlink.org. I encourage each of you to pray about whether you might be called individually to serve in this capacity.

I am also interested in your thoughts in regard to a couple of opportunities for our church as a whole to work together with Faith Link. The first is their “Back to School Bash.” This is an event just before school starts (August 15, 2017) where schools supplies are distributed to those who need them. We can certainly contribute supplies, but I am also interested in personal involvement. I discussed with them the possibility of setting up a canopy at the event, maybe a couple of banners, and offer blessings on the back packs. We might even do the same in our new parking lot later on the same day. So we will need some volunteers to help with this event.

In a similar fashion, Faith Link has a program in conjunction with Winding Road Kennel called “Paws to Help”. Maybe we could invite them both to our new parking lot this fall for the blessing of the animals to promote these programs.

Bottom line, I think these are the types of opportunities we should explore to further our presence in the community and share the love of Jesus to those we encounter. What I need to know is your level of interest and who is willing to help. If you have more questions let me know, otherwise, shoot me an email (frpaulhicks@trinitychurch.org) and let me know which one (or both) that you are interested in working on. I have also invited some of the Faith Link people to join us for lunch on Monday to see what we are doing and how we might collaborate.

You can see we have a lot of exciting things happening. Please, come and be a part of what God is doing here at Trinity, and as always, bring a friend.

God bless you one and all,

Father Paul+