A Word From Your Priest-May

You should see the new flooring in the Rectory! It is amazing and we can’t thank Rob Parrish and his crew enough for their hard work. Also the Youth area on the second floor of the Rectory is really looking good. Last month I told you about the flat panel TV for the Xbox 360 game donated for the youth; and the pool table, the video games, and a ping pong table that can be pulled out of the closet and put into use in the hallway, it is quite a space the youth can be proud of and invite their friends to come see. Now we have some new furniture donated by Rob Parrish’s mother, Judy Parrish. Terry and Tiffany have been hard at work on the youth area and it looks great! The next project Terry has in mind is for the youth to decorate a table for the room. Speaking of the youth, after some input from Bishop Klusmeyer, and discussion with Tiffany and Terry, we have decided to try a different approach with our youth program. Traditionally, the youth program, commonly referred to as Episcopal Youth Fellowship or “EYF” met on Sunday nights at the church. But it appears that times have changed and we want to be flexible as well. So, we want to try to make the EYF more events based. The events can be purely fun events or have a service theme to them as well. Tiffany and Terry would like to still meet on the Sundays before movie night at 5:00 pm to help facilitate the planning of these events. But since the program is event based there is more flexibility on which other days and times the youth can meet. Hopefully, this helps the EYF to continue to grow. Tim Northrup and Joan Ramsay are hard at work on the pictorial directory.They hope to circulate an initial draft soon for all to see. What they need the most is additional pictures.So please send us a picture to use as soon as possible. Tim also has a camera and can take your picture at Church or at Coffee Hour if you need to. This will take some effort to get this directory published. But, the good news is we will not have to start from scratch every time we need an update.Tim and Joan in coordination with our Communications Director, Jim Full, are hard at work on the second floor of the Rectory working on the directory.You can see we have a lot of exciting things happening. Please,come and be a part of what God is doing here at Trinity, and as always, bringa friend.

God bless you one and all,

Father Paul +