Holy Week @ Trinity

Holy Week Worship


Trinity Episcopal Church

~ ~ ~

 Palm Sunday  –  March 24th

          8:00 am & 10:30 am – Liturgy of the Palms &  Holy Eucharist

 Tuesday in Holy Week    –  March 26th

           6 pm – Holy Eucharist in Church Choir Section

 Wednesday in Holy Week   –  March 27th

          7:30 am – Holy Eucharist inAdams Chapel

          12:10 pm – Holy Eucharist with Laying-on-of- Hands for Healing in Adams Chapel

              6:00 pm – Seder Meal: “Where Judaism and Christianity Meets” with At-Table Communion

            Trinity Hall  (please sign-up ASAP)

 Maundy Thursday  –  March 28th

             7:00 – Maundy Thursday Liturgy with Holy Eucharist

                         ~ Ceremonial Stripping of the Altar

                         ~ The Great Prayer Vigil begins in

                                    Adams Chapel until Friday noon

                             {Vigil Sign-up sheet is in Trinity Hall}


Good Friday  –  March 29th

             12 noon Good Friday Liturgy

                        ~ including “Stations of the Cross”

                                    ~ Holy Communion from  Reserved Sacrament

                          ~ Church open until 3pm for Quiet Meditation

                         ~  Community Stations of the Cross will stop here for Stations 11 and 12

 Easter Sunday  –  March 31st

Celebration of the Resurrection


                        8:00 am – Celebration of the Holy Eucharist

                      10:30 am – Celebration of the Holy Eucharist with Brass Accompaniment