This Week @ Trinity 10.29.17

We Welcome to Trinity Church all of our Visitors Today.

We pray your visit with us is a blessed one




8:00 am: Morning Prayer Rite II – Dennis Ramsay

9:15 am:  Sunday School

10:30 am: Morning Prayer Rite II – Dennis Ramsay

11:45 am: Coffee Hour


11:00 am: Feeding Program  / Clothes Closet


8:00 am: MOT Breakfast at The Corner Café

9:00 am:  Book Sale Setup


9:00 am: Book Sale Setup

11:00 am:  Food Closet

12:15 pm: Holy Eucharist with Healing

5:30 pm: Actors Guild (Conference Room)

7:00 pm:  Choir Rehearsal


9:00 am:  Book Sale Setup

10:00 am: Bible Study

11:00 am: Food Closet / Knitters 


9:00 am:  Book Sale Setup


9:00 am:  Book Sale Setup

8:00 pm:  AA


8:00 am: Holy Eucharist Rite I – Fr. Hicks

9:00 am:  Confirmation Class

9:15 am:  Sunday School /  Choir Rehearsal

10:30 am: Holy Eucharist Rite II – Fr. Hicks

11:45 am:  Coffee Hour


CPC SUNDAY – Church Periodical Sunday has been extended to today. You will find an envelope with your bulletin for your donation. Donated money gives Seminarian Students funds to help pay for their textbooks.  Fr. Paul was a very grateful recipient of C.P.C. funds.

 STEWARDSHIP — the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care — is an important part of the life of any church. At Trinity, we will begin two critical phases of stewardship in the upcoming weeks: one in which we as individuals and families consider how much of our monetary blessings we will pledge to Trinity for 2018, and another in which the Vestry will carefully plan how to use those pledged funds to sustain Trinity and fulfill its mission in the coming year. As we approach these phases of stewardship, we ask that you begin prayerfully considering your pledge and also that you pray for the Vestry to have wisdom in its budgeting process.

 CHRISTMAS PRESENCE – At the annual book sale, St. Anne’s will be having the Christmas Presence tables to sell new and lightly used items to be sold as gifts as well as Christmas decorations and a bake sale. Please look for gift type items to donate as well as adding goodies to our bake sale. As we replenish daily, your donations may be dropped off either prior to our sale or anytime during the early part of that week. Please bring baked items packaged and priced to sell. Questions? Call Terry Shaw at 304-916-5281.

REQUEST – The boiler that provides heat for the office building is no longer working and there is no heat in the building. We have two electric space heaters but they only heat two offices. We would like to have at least three more (the conference room needs two) to keep the offices warm. If you have a space heater you could loan us until the heat is fixed it would be appreciated.


  • November 5 – Daylight Saving Time Ends
  • November 6-11 – Book Sale
  • November 10-11 – DOK Sandscrest Weekend
  • November 13 – Finance and Vestry
  • November 19 – Movie Night (Narnia – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe)
  • December 3 – Bishop Mark’s Visit (Confirmations at 8:00 and 10:30)
  • December 7&8: Frank Runyeon Christian dramas (3½ Stories of Christmas & Sermon on the Mount) Smoot Theater.
  • December 10 – St. Anne’s Christmas Brunch